Back and Forth

Hey guys,

I’m sorry for the back and forth between the themes lately…I just haven’t found the perfect one yet. I hope I will find something that does exactly what I need soon, so it might change in the next few days/weeks again. Here are just so many options and all of them have different advantages but also disadvantages. If you really like a particular theme you can just comment under here, I would really appreciate that πŸ™‚




MSU Spartans

Hey dear Readers, Followers and Basketball Fans, today I’ll have a special entry for all of you who have no Idea who The MSU Spartans are. Which is very sad but let me enlighten you: MSU is short for Michigan State University. Not to confuse with the University of Michigan, which is something completely different. And when the people ask you if you are a Michigan or a Michigan State fan they ask you about those Schools. Here most of the people are State fans, including me πŸ™‚ MSU is is Lansing, the State capital. They have about 50.000 Students and their Campus is a whole City, it is huge. Their colors are dark green and white, and their Mascot is a Spartan called Sparty.spartyjpg-554b17ad996e690clogo-msu

MSU has a really good Veterinarian program and so many other great programs, they have a lot with farming, engineering and whatsoever.

Their Symbol is the green Spartan helmet and their motto/battle cry is “Go Green, Go White, Go Spartans”. It is so amazing when you heat thousands of people screaming that at once…! So now to Basketball. In one of my earlier entries I mentioned that their boys team is in the final four of the NCAA Tournament. And this is pretty amazing, because only the best teams in the country qualify for it, so not Michigan (sorry but they had two loosing seasons in a row so they are bad πŸ™‚ ). And now our boys team is going to play the Duke blue Devils and this is going to be so hard to win, but we know we have a chance! Michigan-State-vs-Duke-Blue-Devils-2015-NCAA-Final-Four-Wallpaper-215x135

I wrote this post a while ago, now I know that the Devils won (the game was painful to watch, we played horrid) and they also won the whole championship, so this puts us in a better spot after all. I really enjoyed the whole NCAA tournament and will definitely watch it next year, too.

I went to one of the games of the MSU girls team, it was so amazing. The stadium was huge…And we lost by one or two points to Iowa, but it was still an amazing game πŸ™‚

So now you are all up to date on MSU πŸ™‚


Another Monday…

Hey Guys,
it’s Monday again…Getting up early, dragging yourself to school, starving until lunch break, getting sleepy, when school is finally over driving to Track practice, dragging yourself across the track, going home, eating dinner and then finally back to bed. Sounds like fun to me…But we only have like 20 some odd days of school left, so it’s not that bad. And I really don’t want school to end, because this would mean that my year here is going to be over soon. Of course, i so look forward to seeing you all again but I will also miss all these wonderful people here.
Yesterday when Avery and I went riding she was like “It is going to be so weird if you are not here anymore, it’s like a piece is missing.” And this was so sweet ❀ I will miss you, too!
And next weekend is our first Show, Prom and a Track meet. No I have no idea how I will manage all this, I already had to drop a mandatory YFU Meeting and it is still kinda impossible to be in three places at once. So I will probably leave the Track meet early, get ready for prom, then come home early and get up early in the morning for the horse show. Great.
Yesterday I cleaned Chester and cut his Mane…it looks so weird now…He looks so young…And he was so sweet, we could do Showmanship completely without a halter, he does it so well. I am so proud of him, he learned really fast and always tries to satisfy me. And he really does not act like he is only six and has no experience. I hope the show will be going well next Sunday, wish me luck!
Prom is next Saturday, our motto is "What is your Quest?" and everything is under a Medieval Motto. I really loo forward to it! My dress is red with black and black pearls, it is long and really pretty πŸ™‚
I will post pictures!
Oh and in my earlier Posts I often said Take Care at the end right? Well according to the people here only the 50+ people say that πŸ™‚ So no more that πŸ™‚


Track Meet is Canceled

Hey guys,

Sorry to disappoint you but our Track meet was canceled for today. We had snow tonight (in April?!) and so no running for us πŸ™‚ But I guess the next meet is coming up next Wednesday πŸ™‚ And so today I don’t have Practice either, but free time to ride Chester today. Yesterday we had practice at the fairgrounds again, the arena was wet and muddy and Chester was a little pissy. Hopefully he’ll be better today. But he also had a whole week without work so I was kinda expecting it.
And I felt horrible yesterday, had no patience and got angry really fast so this was not a good combination to school a young horse. So after about an hour I just couldn’t concentrate anymore and I put him in his blanket and did some showmanship with him. And he is doing so good with it that by the second or third show we might be able to do Halter classes.
But his mane grew so beautifully long over the winter but now it is kinda thin and doesn’t look as good so I might have to trim it. But because I am not doing Showmanship classes (he doesn’t pivot and is afraid of orange cones πŸ™‚ ) I don’t have to clean him up as good. And I might be able to ride Dee some more which would be pretty cool because then I can do Speed with Chester and the Western Pleasure and the English Equitation classes with Dee.

So have nice day, hopefully it is not snowing in China or Germany πŸ™‚


Happy Birthday!

My dear sweet little brother Mika turns 11 today! Sweetie, I am so proud of you, love you so much and you can’t imagine how much I miss you! I hope you enjoy your day and you get many presents. I have a Package for you, it’ll be on it’s way probably this weekend.
I wish you the best of luck, health and happiness. I hope you have a great next year of your life and you’ll enjoy every second of it. Love you little bro ❀

Hug you tight,

Your Sister Taitschiii

Track&Field Meet #1- OMG

Hey Guys,

I’m sorry that it took me so long to actually tell you about the meet last Wednesday. I had some connection problems and a lot to do in the last few days.
But let’s get to the point. The Track meet was frustrating, eye-opening and kind of…well, bad. And I did not expect to win everything at the first meet in my life, but I also didn’t expect to get smoked so badly. According to our coach we were absolutely amazing and had a real chance to win some of the races. Well, we thought so, too, until we actually got there and realized that we are not as good as we thought we were. My 100m Hurdles was horrible, because first I was totally surprised that there are 10 Hurdles instead of 7 (don’t know which fool told me that) and in the race I didn’t do as bad as I expected, but I was just slow. The getting over the Hurdles was not the problem, that worked pretty well, just not with enough speed.
My second race was the 100m relay. In this one our team did pretty good, we got second and beat the other team from our school…Great… And I was so shocked and scared by the 100m Hurdles already that I asked Coach to pull me out of that race, which he did. But then he put me in the 200m Dash instead (200m Sprint). Great. And this one was actually not so bad, but I still didn’t have any chance. Now I dropped the Hurdles completely and I am practicing to do the 400m Dash and the 400m Relay. I was shocked and frustrated and quite happy that I did not have to go to the meet on Saturday because I had my Hippology meet. Which is a completely different story and I’ll come to that in just a second. Yesterday we had practice and we ran in the rain and wind…Most of us just had Shorts and T-Shirts and everybody was soaked and freezing. First we ran a mile and than we did Hill Charges (Running up the Hill). Eight times 100m Sprint uphill. And than 400m jogging back to school. It was sooo exhausting and hard. But I pushed myself through it and I just hope that I won’t be as bad in the meet on Wednesday.
So now to the Hippology meet. Hippology, for everyone who didn’t read the previous article, is the study of horses, so basically the theory about horses (Anatomy, Nutrition etc.) And for the meet we had to be in teams with at least three people. But Avery and I were the only two Seniors so we pulled my sister in to be number three. She has no Idea of horses, she doesn’t even get that there are more that one breed of horses and that Appaloosas and Quarter Horses are something different. However, we arrived and wanted to check in. but the nice Lady at the Check-In said that all Seniors have to do Horse Judging, too. Horse Judging is the thing the Judges do in Halter Classes. They look at all the competing horses and place them in terms of which has the best overall conformation (Shape, balance, gaits). I never did this before. Avery did it once. But we went over there and did as we were told. And we had no idea what we were doing, but we had fun! And we actually placed, Avery got sixth and I got fourth out of 18 πŸ™‚
After that we went back and did our Hippology exam, the Slides and the Stations and later the Team Problem. I don’t have enough time to explain that all, and I bet 90% of you will be bored anyways, so if you wnat to hear more about it E-Mail me or leave a comment here πŸ™‚
Our Team placed 3rd over all, I got some tenth, ninth and seventh places, one fifth and one fourth I think, not so sure πŸ™‚ But I ended up with six or seven ribbons and I was so happy πŸ™‚ So this meet was amazing compared to Track. We have a Track meet tomorrow, hope that’ll go better.
See y’all


Track&Field Meet #1

Hoi Hoi πŸ™‚

Today is our first Track&Field meet at Climax-Scotts High School. My team really looks forward to it, most of us never did track before and are kind of nervous but we are excited. As soon as we get the team pictures and the individual portraits from the photographer I’ll put them in here and I’ll try to have somebody take pictures today.
Coach put me in three events for today: The 100m Hurdles, the 300m Hurdles and the 4×100 Relay. The 100 Hurdles are kind of scary because it is a short sprint and the Hurdles are 36 inches high (90cm) and I never did more than 27 inches. But that’ll be alright, the 300m hurdles will be a little harder. They are 3 inches smaller but still, sprint 300m and jump over five hurdles. And unfortunately they are all in the curve. One lap around the track are 400m and for the 300 you run a straight, a curve and another straight. So first you sprint down the straight, all the hurdles are in the curve and the last straight you sprint again. Crazy. And the 4×100 relay is like a Staffellauf, you have your 4 runners and they are positioned all 100m around the track. The first one takes off and after the 100m she hands off the baton (Staffelholz) to the next girl and so on until your one time around the track. The hand off has to be fast and in a specific zone, it has to be practiced a lot but I never got the chance to do it, just yesterday twice. But I still feel pretty comfortable, my team is cool and we got this. We even beat the boys 4×1 team, but only by like 3 seconds.
I also did a 4×400 relay yesterday, so it is basically the same but everybody runs a full lap before she hands off the baton. And according to my coach I am a natural 400 runner, and it is actually not that bad, you run at a high pace the first two hundred, than you almost die in the last curve and when you reach the last straight you start sprinting like crazy. And your body feels like you can’t go any faster but as soon as you see somebody next to you who wants to pass you, you can go faster, and even if you are totally exhausted, this pushes you! I am really competitive and I hate to loose, so our goal in the 4×1 is to win today! But in the Hurdles all I want is to reach the finishing line without tripping or falling πŸ™‚ I hope this is going to be great, I love it already but the theory can be a lot different that the reality, so we’ll see how I feel about this tomorrow.
On Saturday would be another Track meet, but I have my only Hippology meet there and that’s only once and we have many more track meets coming up so I decided to do this instead. Hippology is like the study of horses, so like the theory of horses. On Saturday we are going to take a test and if we are good enough we will go to regionals and finals etc. Our Senior Team is quite ridiculous, it is Avery and me and because we couldn’t find anybody else we had to take in Gin because we needed an 3rd Teammate. She has no idea of horses and has no intention of learning anything, but who does not want help can’t be helped, right? It is still going to be so much fun, Avery and I are going to have such a good time πŸ™‚

Wish you Guys a good rest of your Day/Night (depends on where in the world you are),


Chicago Pics

Hey Fellows,

Today I have the promised pictures from Chicago!


Here a picture of a really amazing painting from the Art Institute of Chicago. I have no idea who did it but if your interested you can zoom in on the little label on the right πŸ™‚ I think this painting is kind of cool, because it is beautiful although it has a skull in it. I like it.


And here of course the famous Chicago Bean in Millenium Park. The weather doesn’t look to nice but it was warm and kinda awesome. We had a lot of fun, despite that our feet hurt like crazy but there is always time for sight seeing in such an awesome city like Chicago πŸ™‚


Bean Selfie!!


The Field Museum. It is located next to soldier field, the football stadium and home of the Chicago Bears! Awesome Campus!

Hope you guys had a beautiful and relaxing Easter and y’all could chill out and enjoy the sun a little. I heard that on the day I’ll come back to Germany the “Verein zur steigerung der Lebensfreude” has his annual festival. Perfect timing guys.. I’m not sure if I’ll come but I think I’ll at least stop by for a while πŸ™‚ And friends and fans and people who know me, feel free to stop by and keep me from falling asleep during the days when I’m back. Jetlag sucks and it sucks even more when you’re bored and have nothing to do so drag me to the ice cream place or shopping or whatever and I’m already apologizing for being a little emotional unstable during those days πŸ™‚ I love you guys so much and I miss you like crazy πŸ™‚
And I just want to mention this here real quick: Celi I am so happy for you and really look forward to our next sleepover together! I wish you and Alex the best of luck, I hope you’ll see this and know that I miss you so incredibly much and that I don’t know if I can deal with all the stress of coming back without you

Bye Guys,


Bad & Good News

Hey guys,

First School day after Spring break…great…everybody loves it… But my started out pretty awesome. When I came out of the house my horse was waiting for me in the back yard. She was not supposed to be there, she was supposed to be with the others in her pasture. But apparently made a whole in the fence and was wandering around, which is not that bad because she will not run away, not without her herd. And where should she go? Und why when the grass she wants is right there? So there is really no point in being concerned, but it was kind of funny. She was greeting me with what I bet was a smile and followed me right back in the barn. Then I put her in a stall and she looked at me and told me “Hey human your supposed to put me back in the pasture not in here!” But she was going to go to the Vet (Animal Doctor) along with some other horses to get her Registration renewed and her shots (Impfungen). So we took all five of our Show Horses and JJ, our young stallion, to Jason, our Vet. After we did all the shots and blood tests and paperwork for the show horses we brought in JJ, because we wanted to get him cut (castrated). Gin wanted to leave immediately but I wanted to stay. I did a week of work experience in a Vet Clinic in Germany, so I new what was going to happen and I’ve seen it before, but I just wanted to see it on a horse I knew, because I had no “emotional connection” to any of the horses we did surgery on. It was quite interesting and it makes no difference for me if I know the horse or not. Gins face was priceless and when my Grandpa made the comment “You can tell your future boyfriends that you know how to do that when they think about getting dirty” everybody had to laugh and Gin ran out of the room and was totally terrified. Farm life is hard πŸ™‚
Yes it really is, because now I can move on to some bad news. Remember the cute kitten we got, Sparty? Well, he is no longer among us. Why? Because Gin accidentally stepped on him and he died almost immediately. How can you step on a almost white kitten and step down so hard that you kill him?! I don’t get it! And I can’t even be mad at her because I know this would be unfair and just not nice, but she should be aware that I’m certainly not her “sweet little sister” anymore. And yes I know it is very sad and he was very sweet, but I think I got over it. He was only three weeks old and a little annoying anyways. But I loved him and I hope he’ll rest in peace ❀ I’m still mad at Gin. She could have been more careful.
Anyways, now some more good news. Over Spring Break two foals were born! One filly, Extremely April out of Collusified Lady from He’s Somekinda Dream on April 8th and a colt Dreamin’ of Romance out of Chocolate Sable from He’s Somekinda Dream on April 9th. They both look almost alike but are sooo sweet However, we still expect one or two more πŸ™‚
And of course I am going to talk about Chicago! It was so amazing and I love this city. On Monday we went Prom Dress shopping and I got a super deal on two dresses, together I got them for 36$. And I was a happy girl πŸ™‚ I am not sure which one I am going to wear for Prom but both of them are amazing πŸ™‚ After that we went to the Mall, spent a fortune on Make-Up and had a marvelous time. Tuesday we went to the Zoo, the weather was lousy, cold and windy, but I still enjoyed it. Although Zoos are in some way all the same and there is not a lot of new things, it was fun. Wednesday we went to the Harley Davidson Museum (just to make you jealous mum Thursday we went to the Art Institute of Chicago and I could finally look at some original paintings of my favorite painter, Edgar Degas, the guy who did all the famous Ballet Dancers. After this we went to Millenium Park and visited the legendary Chicago Bean. Before we left for Milwaukee (where we were staying, at mum’s sisters place) we went to a Starbucks (the Coffee tastes exactly the same as is Germany πŸ™‚ ) and passed Navy Pier πŸ™‚ It was amazing. On Friday we visited the Filed Museum next to the Soldier Field Football Stadium, home of the Chicago Bears, and went into the Viking Exhibit, the Voodoo Special Exhibit and saw a 3D Documentary about ancient Egypt. Before we left for home we stopped by in the Gem Exhibit, which was probably the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. I love Gems, especially Sapphires and Diamonds. They exhibited some plain gems, some within necklaces or other jewelry and some in their natural form. It was amazing, since I am here I have kind of a thing for sparkles, I love everything that sparkles, the more the better. Bur I still hate pink πŸ™‚ So if you look for a Birthday Present for me get me something useful and sparkly.
After Chicago I watched a Marathon of Gilmore Girls, I just love this Series! The we went riding and I was really frustrated, because the young horse I am training right now, Chester, was not understanding what I wanted him to do and he seemed to have forgotten everything I taught him. But when my mum climbed on him because I didn’t know what to do anymore she said that I did a fabulous job and that he is doing very well and it was amazing what I already accomplished. That felt good πŸ™‚ Now I am really proud of him and he got some extra carrots (I stole them out of the basement πŸ˜› )

That should do it for today, I’ll put the Pictures from the babies and Chicago in here at some point, maybe this weekend.
Hope your all doing good, I’ll be back soon, take care


Countdown to SPRING BREAK!

Hey dear readers, followers and sweeties out there,

today is an awesome day, I have no idea why πŸ™‚ Maybe because I listen to awesome music or I know awesome people or whatnot, but it’s awesome. Yes, awesome is an awesome word and it really is awesome that it is awesome. Ok I’m in a crazy mood today.

We have tomorrow and on Thursday a half day of school and then Friday off because we have SPRING BREAK!!! We are going to go to Chicago, shopping, museums and fun. It is going to be so awesome and I am so excited! After Spring Break I will try to get the package with the Christmas/Birthday/Easter Presents on the road. Yes I still haven’t sent it yet. I know I am a terrible person and I should have done that about four months ago, but you guys know me πŸ™‚

I will try to make some Pictures in Chicago, my phone is back online and you can reach me over WhatsApp and Facebook again. Do you guys want me to write on facebook if there is a new blog entry? I don’t know if everybody got how you can follow this blog, so I can also post a link on fb. Just let me know and I’ll do so or not πŸ™‚

I just want to mention my mum here again. We were texting the other day and she was all excited to hear from me, we haven’t been talking to each other in months and it was just so fun to hear from her again. I know she really misses me and I really look forward to hugging her again! Thank you so much for everything, you know I wouldn’t have made it to where I am now and you know I love you even when I am the most horrible daughter once in a while ❀

And I also want to send a hug over to my Grandma, who supported me and sent me two awesome pairs of hand-knitted Socks for Christmas. I think I still haven’t answered her letter (It came in January or so) and I’m so sorry for that. I was just so busy with being happy and enjoying my life that I totally forgot that being happy alone is really not all it takes. And I will get to that over Spring Break, promise ❀

And I want to thank all my friends who endured all of my whims, who just took me how I am. And I know I didn’t always give as much back as I got from all of you and I want to apologize for that. Since I am here I realized how important friendship is and that giving back is also important. I also started to see how many awesome people gave me about a hundred second chances when I messed up. And I just can’t say Thank You often enough, because I think sometimes I could have been a little more appreciative. I know I sometimes am a volcano, I just overwhelm people with my personality and are sometimes a little faster with my mouth than with my brain. And yes, I am egoistic sometimes, and yes I am not the most honest person in this world, but I am working on this. I realized how many zugedrueckte Augen I got from all of you and how often my friends didn’t say anything when I was the biggest Trampel in the whole city. And when I had one of my crazy Ideas or my very weird crushes they just went with it and were even there when I felt totally horrible and I was actually my fault. O when I just don’t know what I want. Today this, tomorrow something else. And I know I have often run as soon at something gets complicated. I do not like situations where I have to admit that I made a mistake or where I feel uncomfortable. But I think I learned a lot this year and I realized that I have o be grateful for everything, because I just have the most awesome and great people all around the world to support me. This goes to every single one of my friends, acquaintances and companions who can see themselves in one of those situations, I am so thankful and lucky to know you and even if I don’t show it just go with it. Thanks for enduring all my tempers, bitchfits and whatsoever, you are the greatest people in the whole world ❀

Have a nice Spring Break, afterwards you will get some pictures of my track team, Love y’all