Welome Home!

Hey guys,

sorry that I haven´t been writing lately but I had a lot going on. I just returned home today, I flew in at 6 o´clock in the morning in Frankfurt. It was a very warm welcome and I was so glad to be home again. So we drove home and I was stunned by how the apartment changed (we had just moved in before I left so nothing wa really done) and went strait to my room and was like “Oh” and “pretty”. And then I went into the living room and there was a welcome party! My Grandma, my uncle and my aunt, my godmother and her family, my best friend and my other best friedn and so forth. It was just so cool. And I was crying because I was soooo happy 🙂 I am so glad to be home and the apartment looks so beautiful! It is so amazing 🙂 And so tonight we will go to a little party and we´ll celebrate 🙂


Und was hast du zu dem Thema zu sagen?

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