How was my weekend? Well….

Hey guys,

I hope you guys have nice weather where ever in the world you are. It is raining here. And this is kinda very annoying because we would have riding practice today and I really looked forward to that but now the arena will be soaked and we wont ride. And now to my very packed and very confusing weekend.

Saturday was a wonderful day, we had sunshine and like 80 degrees. And we had to muck out stalls, which was a very good workout and actually wasn’t that bad. After we rode Bunny and Chester and my boy was so amazing. We went on a trail ride and he was calm and interested, was willing to work and just enjoyed the nice day. And Bunny didn’t even throw a fit like she usually does as soon as we are approaching the woods. Afterwards we had to clip the horses for the show. This was a disaster. Bunny was doing really good and stood still. But Chester, oh my god. He freaked totally when he heard the sound of the clippers. We had the stallion chain, a twitch and a piece of duckttape on him (Panzertape, it is supposed to confuse them so they get distracted from what scares them and works in most cases) but he still freaked. He was scared to death. And because I underestimated how scared he was I wasn’t jumping fast enough and he kicked me backwards against the wall. Sounds bad, feels worse. I was lucky, he missed my ribs and my hip, he hit right between and slipped down to my thigh. I was laying on the floor and said I was alright but they should go get Chester, he ran towards his pasture. So I was more concerned with the horse than with myself, so it was actually not that bad. So they got the horse and I got some Ice, taped it to my side and bathed him. Which was also not very funny because he was afraid of the water. Yeah, nice day. When we were done, finally, I had to get ready for prom. And eat. And calm down. And I was absolutely panicked (don’t ask me why but I was) and only had like two hours. So then we had Spaghetti (my Grandpa makes the worlds best Spaghetti ever!!) and then I took a shower and started make up and hair. I did PicsArt_1430928526960my sisters hair and my mum did my hair and my sisters make up, I did my make up by myself. and at five o’clock John came and we took pictures (about 500000 at least) and his mum drove us to the Conservation club where the prom was. Some of the pictures turned out really good, the place where we were had a little castle and a draw bridge which made for a really nice background. The Motto of the prom was “What is your Quest?” and everything was under a medieval theme.

The night was alright, but I could hardly dance or sit because my side hurt so bad, so I was standing there and smiling. When my painkillers wore off I was in desperate need for distraction and so we had some of the typical drama with tears and whatsoever.

The next morning was very early. And the Drama was continued. My sweet horse Chester decided that he doesn’t want to trust me anymore and we tried everything to get him in the trailer but it didn’t work. I was tired, frustrated and just at the end with my nerves. So we left without him and for me the day was done. But I went with them because I wanted to support my team and it was the first show of the season. Later my mum came with breakfast and brought my very stubborn horse with her. She managed to get him in the smaller stock trailer with a lot of talking and oats, where when we tried it my grandpa was pissed and tried to push him with the whip and didn’t want to believe me that he made everything just worse. So well, he was finally there. So I cleaned him and we went longing. He was very interested in everything around him but not overly afraid or suspicious. Later I rode him in the make up ring and we was doing really good, I rode him during lunch break through the arena and he was good there, too. He started getting tired, it was really warm that day. Then we went into our first class, walk trot Equitation. Basically everybody rides around in the arena and walks and trots and it is judged on the rider (so they don’t care how your horse looks as long as it does what it is supposed to). Chester was amazingly good and behaved like an angel. And who would have guessed that I beat everybody and won the class? Nobody, not after what happened the day before 🙂 And I was so crazy happy! His first show and my first show with him and we win our first class. After that he got a big hug, an apple and some hay and water. I had lunch and then we went riding again. He was very good and started getting a little cranky because he was tired. So I let him stand and we waited to go in our next class, walk trot horsemanship. This is the same except they judge it on the horse. And he never dropped his head or did anything outstanding, he responded to my cues and was again an angel. Because in that class we had some really good horses and professional trainers who have their horses moving FB_IMG_1430914131613very nice and slow I didn’t expect to place in this class at all. but again, I got surprised and took the first place! Yeah, nailed it! And after I asked the judge what he liked about Chester and he said that “He was willing to work, relaxed and listened well, you two seemed to communicate really well and he was interested in what was gong on. it looked really easy and very natural.” Yeah, finally I got probably the most amazing reward for my hard work. And all this time I wondered if I really reached something with him, apparently I did. When I first got him he was all hyper and scared, now he is calm and the nicest horse I ever met. Yes he kicked me, yes he still has some issues. But he didn’t mean to and he did it because he was scared. I won’t blame him, he made up for it the other day. he is just so amazing, I love him ❤

When we got home we were all pretty done for the day but we had another surprise waiting for us in the barn. Remember Sparty, the kitten which was killed? Well we found another kitten, his size, his color in the barn. but it is not him, he has different stripes and his personality is different. but he is such a sweetheart and we named him Sparty II and everybody is happy 🙂

Tell me how your weekend was,



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